Terms & Conditions

To work with us you will have to abide by certain terms and conditions as listed below

  • All work posted here is uploaded by the students who have got A grades in their subjects, we upload the work after every possible check, if u find the work is infringing copyrights.
  • We urge students to use the tutorials as a study guide, not as a cheating work
  • all files are available for direct download
  • after making the payment just log in to your account then click on downloads so you will be able to download the file instantly
  • All sales are final, read the description properly before buying any tutorial. No refund will be issued in any case.
  • In no case we do not share your private information with anyone, we urge you not to share it with anyone, it may result in loss of account.
  • Do not submit the tutorial as your work, as it is against the ethics and it might result in getting a F or a university action
  • we have posted the final exam guide, these are the tutorials for your final preparation, do not use them as a cheating material, this may result in university action
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